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Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

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·Jun 28, 2022·

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Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

Table of contents

  • Who Is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
  • Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?
  • 1. Be More Productive
  • 2. Curb Burnout
  • 3. Get the Best of Both Worlds
  • 4. Grow Your Business Efficiently
  • 5. Reclaim Your Quality Time

Yes, is the obvious answer. You need a virtual assistant.

Admittedly, we know that's not nearly enough to convince you. That's why we did a ton of research and ran some experiments–the results of which we're about to share with you.

But first…

Who Is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant is a remote personnel who provides support to busy professionals and only gets paid for productive time spent.

Due to the fast paced nature of our jobs these days and the increasing need for adaptability, virtual assistants present a flexible, more efficient, and cost effective alternative to personal assistants.

VAs can be paid on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your work schedule and needs.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Every reason we'll share with you boils down to one pivotal thing–improved quality of life.

However you look at it, VAs help you live a more balanced and hassle-free life. Here are the top 5 reasons why You Need one of our work-flexible VAs.

1. Be More Productive

andreas-klassen-gZB-i-dA6ns-unsplash.jpg Of course we were going to start with the most obvious point. Team work makes the dream work, right?

With a dedicated VA, you'll get a boost in throughput. That is, for the same amount of time and energy you put in, because you have someone skilled assisting you and automating your processes, you'll get exponential gains. Virtual assistants save businesses 78% in operating costs

There's no advantage in being a workaholic if you end up being fagged out daily.

Choose working smarter over working harder, you'll be grateful for your choice.

2. Curb Burnout

tim-de-pauw-SBYsc1gsA-M-unsplash.jpg Burnout is something that many of us are familiar with. It describes a state of emotional and physical exhaustion that is triggered by extended periods of constant unrelenting stress.

Burnout tends to render you feeling depleted and dejected. Burnout is a slope that leads to depression if left unchecked.

Extremes of activity are a major cause of job burnout. With well trained VAs to take the burden of monotony off your shoulders, you're way less likely to be burnt out.

3. Get the Best of Both Worlds

pexels-pixabay-2156.jpg You know that work life balance you've always dreamed of? With our VAs, it can become reality.

The VAs at Beatrice are trained in soft skills as well as technical skills. This makes them suited to offer support, advice, and insight into your work activities.

Beatrice enables you to pay for VAs only when you need them. No longer do you have to pay personal assistants round the clock.

Our VAs are paid for only productive hours.

4. Grow Your Business Efficiently

micheile-dot-com-lZ_4nPFKcV8-unsplash.jpg Business growth depends heavily on time and project management. These are two key factors that define Beatrice.

All our VAs are skilled in using project management tools and can help you organize your work flow to make scaling easier and boost business productivity.

Additionally, hiring full-time employees to do the jobs that one VA can perform is not cost-effective. Our VAs represent a combined package of project management and adaptable administrative competence.

5. Reclaim Your Quality Time

aron-visuals-BXOXnQ26B7o-unsplash.jpg Unmet expectations are a major cause of depression in society. Beatrice interviewed a number of clients and we found out that 80% of them desire more time to spend with family.

Unfortunately, they have to work many hours to ensure that said family is catered to.

Beatrice ensures you can spend time with those whom you love by taking care of a huge chunk of work for you.

Our pricing is flexible and is therefore suitable for you, no matter how much you earn.

Closing Thoughts

Humans aren't born to work. We're on earth to live, and live fully at that. Work is a necessary part of life, but it doesn't have to be so demanding that you can't truly live.

Beatrice is the platform for everyone who wants to get their lives back while improving productivity at scale.

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